Well-made workwear for the modern maverick.

The 1/Z -- your favorite garment for your capsule wardrobe. 

Crafted for individuals in motion. Every zipper, pocket, and seam is meticulously designed to elevate your aesthetic with functionality, ease and style.


Original 1/Z

Timeless, durable, rugged quality.

Our 'Original' -- the O.G. if you will. Meant to dress up, dress down, splatter with paint, wear as you work, create, socialize or ponder -- this piece is perfect for wherever you want to take it.


Light 1/Z

In a world that pulls your attention in every direction, the 1/Z takes you from 4am wake up calls to the dancefloor. This 1/Z is designed with movement in mind. Made from stretch twill with just enough give to move with you and retain its shape as you crush the day ahead.


Custom 1/Z

Details matter. Made for you, your way. One of a kind. Feel powerful, present, and great. Create, connect, and communicate your unique voice with effortless presence.

Jump into a garment as dynamic, powerful, and creative as you.

The 1/Z is not just a garment - it’s a statement that reflects your dynamic approach to work and life. Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge design and multi-faceted functionality.